Administrator/Researcher: Angela J. Cone
Costa Tsirigakis - Founder J2 Y DNA project & admin/researcher from 2006 - mid 2008
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Project Research Fund

You can help support the projects research by donating to the projects research fund.
Please note that this is administered by FTDNA (ie. the money goes to FTDNA, not to Angela). This also means that the funds that are in the group fund can only be used for testing done by FTDNA (my apologies to those members who have not tested with FTDNA).

How is the project research fund going to be used?

The group fund is going to be used for high priority testing. For instance the highest priority would be extending haplotypes of those in rare sub-clades, or sub-clade testing those who are close matches to those in rare subclades. On the other hand, the lowest priority would be testing individuals in large well defined clusters, or testing individuals that are closely related to others who have already had extended haplogroup and sub-clade testing.

How to donate to the Project research fund

1) First, click on this link
2) If you wish to pay by paypal account or credit card, click on the paypal link
     If you wish to post your donation to FTDNA, print out the webpage, and fill out the form on the lower
     half of the page.

3) Make sure that you enter "J2 Y-DNA group" in the space that says "Item" (This will ensure that your donation will get to the correct project), and enter the amount that you wish to donate. Fill in the rest of your details.

Once these steps are completed, FTDNA staff will add the donation to the project research fund. Please note this process may take a few days.

Log of General fund entries

The following is a log of your General Fund entries:

06/23/08 - Angela Cone donation....$200
06/23/08 - Total available....$200
07/02/08 - Kit 86515....($139)
07/02/08 - Total available....$61

Current Balance (including FTDNA matching gift): $200.00

July 2nd - 12-67 marker upgrade for J2a4 haplotype (J M137+)


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Angela Cone - Co-administrator from mid 2006 - mid 2008
Administrator from mid 2008 - Present
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Costa Tsirigakis - Founder J2 Y DNA project & admin from 2006 - mid 2008