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J2a-Beta cluster (± J L24+,L25+)
J2a4h (FTDNA Nomenclature, March 2009)

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J-L24 project (Admins:Al Aburto, David Dugas, Kamel Gazzah)

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Recently it was discovered that two new SNP markers (included in the series of markers tested by 23andme) appear to be correlated with J2a-Beta cluster. There is a third marker (L70) which will be available in the future that appears to be correlated with J2a-Lambda cluster (which is within the DYS445=6 grouping). Not all people with DYS445=6 will be positive for this new marker but those within J2a-Lambda cluster probably all are.

J2a-Beta cluster was first identified by the J2 Y-DNA project in February 2007, in its phase three analysis which identified various clusters based on 37 markers. In April 2007, the J2 Y-DNA project noted that individuals in J2a-Beta cluster have DYS450=9, DYS445=10, and hypothesized that J2a-Lambda cluster was a sub-cluster of J2a-Beta cluster.

So far all people who have been tested positive for both of these markers are in J2a-Beta cluster and all people who are negative for both these markers fall outside of J2a-Beta cluster.

The J2 Y-DNA project is working in collaboration with other Haplogroup J2 researchers to increase our knowledge about the L24/L25 clade. All people who are in J2a-Beta cluster (and tested with FTDNA) are encouraged to join the L24 project (you can now join an unlimited number of FTDNA projects!!). This project is run by Al Aburto, David Dugas and Kamel Gazzah. We hope to learn more about the clades within L24 with the opening of FTDNA's "Walk-along-the- Y" program. You can find the L24 project here

According to Thomas Krahn's working tree of haplogroup J, one person has been found who is positive for L24 but not L25, thus we can conclude that L24 occurred first. This person is positive for a new mutation, called L84. It is not yet known whether this person falls within J2a-Beta cluster or outside J2a-Beta cluster. Currently they have only 25 markers, and on the basis of those markers it is possible that they fall outside of J2a-Beta cluster, which might mean that L24 is broader than J2a-Beta, and it may be L25 which correlates more closely to J2a-Beta cluster. It would be interesting to see how the haplotype for this individual would look at 67 markers.


The clustering within J2a-Beta is seen best with 67 markers. This diagram contains 67 marker haplotypes with a DYS 450 value of 9. Those individuals with a DYS 450 value of 9 by convergence (ie. are outside of J2a-Beta cluster) act as the "outgroup".

The individuals who have tested with 23andme are in red, and are numbered.
#5 does not have 67 markers, so the approximate position (based on where it is positioned at 37 markers) is marked with a cross.

The two new cluster names (J2a-β_i and J2a-β_ii) are based on preliminary analyses done in October 2008 with 37 markers. These 67 marker results indicate that the definition of J2a-β_i will need to be revised slightly, and that J2a-β_ii might be an artificial cluster.

The haplotype nodes that have a brown/red ring around them, are the haplotypes that I identify as those that are of the highest priority to test. This diagram is just a draft version, and will be updated with more detail in the future.




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