Administrator/Researcher: Angela J. Cone
Costa Tsirigakis - Founder J2 Y DNA project & admin/researcher from 2006 - mid 2008
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Who can join the project ?

The project is open to all who have already Y-DNA tested, and have a haplotype that is predicted (or confirmed) as Y-DNA haplogroup J2. The project is a scientific project, rather than a genealogical project. For this reason it is run differently to genealogical projects, so that it adheres with the ethical standards of scientific research.
If you have tested with a DNA company that has SNP tested you as haplogroup J2, but you don't have haplotype results, then you'll need to have your DNA tested with a company that tests haplotypes. If you are in this kind of situation, if you e-mail the project, I can give you further information about what to do.

The Scientific J2 Y-DNA project is non-profit, independant of any individual DNA company and accepts results from all DNA companies.

This project is intended to support both those from family lineages that originate from areas where J2 is relatively rare (so getting a result of J2 is often unexpected), and from family lineages that originate from areas where J2 is quite common (and is therefore quite expected).

What is the benefit of joining?

If you join the project you will receive assistance in understanding your results, and will have access to the Project results tables. The haplotype results tables are available only to project members to protect the privacy§ of project members that desire it.

Joining the project also means that you participate in a project that it actively involved in Scientific research, which is actively expanding our knowledge of the range of haplotypes found in different J2 lineages. The current results of the projects active research can be seen on the results page (also see the "updates" page, and the "site map" page for the other informative content that we are adding to the project.

The more people that join the project, - the faster we can make scientific discoveries about haplogroup J2.

How do I join the project ?

If you would like to join the project, first make sure that you have read, and understood the project privacy/consent page.

Once you have done so, click on the join project button below. You'll first be which lab you tested with, and then you'll be taken to the appropriate join project instructions/form.


§ For some people, "privacy" also extends to not wanting their haplotype shown in public. This project respects that different people have different privacy comfort levels (for a multitude of different reasons). Members can choose whether their haplotype is shown in the public domain, or whether it remains "private" and viewable by members only.

* We aim to create a project data base that is free of errors (assuming that the results reported by the testing company are 100% accurate). This procedure of obtaining confirmation of test results from the testing companies concerned, will enable us to guarantee this project accuracy. Any testing errors are the responsibility of the testing companies concerned.

Note: due to the nature of voluntary public testing, the demographics of those tested will affect the global representativeness of the haplotypes tested (ie. The majority of people that take genealogy tests are North Americans of Western European ancestry)

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Angela Cone - Co-administrator from mid 2006 - mid 2008
Administrator from mid 2008 - Present
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Costa Tsirigakis - Founder J2 Y DNA project & admin from 2006 - mid 2008