This web page is written within the context of making Y-DNA nomenclature, and the Phylogenetics of Y-DNA more understandable to the average person. It therefore focuses on aspects of taxonomy that are most relevent within that context.

Taxonomy of the Human Y-chromosome

What these pages aim to do is clarify the nomenclature used for Y-DNA, and also clarify some of the science behind biological classification. In particular I will clarify the different types of taxonomy, and the reason why "SNP markers" can be used for constructing phylogenetic trees and why "STR markers" cannot be used to construct phylogenetic trees (but instead can be used to create Phenograms).

I will also explain about how organisms are named in Linnean taxonomy, and also examine the salient details about the Y-DNA nomenclature system introduced by the Y Chromosome Consortium.

Taxonomy basics

YCC Nomenclature

Cladistics & Y-DNA

Phenetics *coming soon*

Homology, Parallelism, & Convergence *coming soon*

Review of DYS 413


Where to start?

You might want to either start by reading the YCC page, or the taxonomy basics page.


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